My first artwork is now live on SuperRare 💎  in MissOCoolGirls Moxie gallery!

Azar was a teenage girl who struggled with self-doubt. She tried to fit in and not stand out, afraid to speak her mind, always hiding in the background. But eventually, she bravely stepped out of her comfort zone and revealed her true self. Every day, she shone brighter, inspiring others who faced similar struggles. Her newfound confidence and courage unlocked the fiery spirit within her. Find your own inner Azar and be a moxie!
Meet Ava & Ramona
Two bubbly characters from Teresa Melvin
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Ava Collection
'AVA by TeresaMelvin' is a collection of my favorite and original character 'Ava' in different styles and themes. Ava is super-positive, bubbly, and a very funny character. Ava finds happiness in making people smile! ☺️All the artworks presented here by me are 1/1 and are made with so much love! ❤️
My Other works
Featured Art in NFT NYC
Teresa's art exhibited in Time Square now available in NFT NYC Marketplace.
Genesis Sketch Collection
Collection of 50 hand-drawn genesis sketches of NFTs.
Gary with VeeFriends
Artwork appreciated by Gary Vaynerchuk. Now available in secondary market.
Ramona's Merkabah Skateboard
Ramona's World
Teresa’s first phygital artwork. Colloboration with Merkabah Skate board.
Kamala Sohonie
Kamala Sohonie
Drawing Inspirations is an NFT collection presented by Flower Girls.
Sky is the limit
TRKF NFT Collaboration - 50 NFT artists come together to support kids in Africa.
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