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Limited edition NFT collection of two imaginary characters in the life of Teresa, a 14 yr old Artist

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Watch AvaRamona Story

Watch AvaRamona Story

AvaRamona® comprises a limited set of 1000 unique NFTs, showcasing two original characters, Ava & Ramona. These characters were brought to life by the artistic talent of Teresa Melvin, a 14-year-old creator.



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🔥 Total Collection - 1K
🔥 Price - 2 Avax/ NFT
🔥 10% of primary sale donated to
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The Artist

Teresa Melvin

Teresa Melvin

14 yr old artist & creator of AvaRamona®

Ava & Ramona are two imaginary friends I have always had growing up who have unique personalities and characters. Art and Web3 has enabled me to bring them to life.

Just like my parents empowered me to bring my imaginations and dreams to life, I too love to empower other young artists.

11+ Speaking events & workshops
3 Soldout Collections
Featured Artist on NFT NYC & FlowerGirlsNFT
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The Artist

Teresa Melvin

Teresa Melvin

Benefits  of

Benefits  of 





Access to Teresa's art academy

Be part of supporting young artists

AvaRamona Comics



Digital  Collectibles

  • Join my community page in Remx and get a chance to win digital collectibles.

Support & Empowerment

  • 10% of primary sale allocated for AvaRamona Art Fund to collect artworks from kid artists
  • 10% of primary sales allocated for Emonee's Adobe4kids Initiative to provide digital devices for deserving kids

Live Art Talks

  • The second episode of my YouTube live series "Art 'n' Chat ," showcasing a renowned artist in a live art discussion, is scheduled for October 3rd.

Artshows & workshops

  • Art workshop for young artists during my first solo art exhibition in Cafe Papaya, Kochi, India on November 10th and 11th.

All holders would be able to claim and receive discounts from all items on our AvaRamona store. Remaining funds will be invested in Teresa's AvaRamona Studio to teach young artists.



Ava & Ramona are cool characters who love adventure and exploring new things.

Every NFT generated displays their personalities in upto 123 unique traits with varying rarity across categories

Face Detail

Core  Team

Core  Team

Meet the team behind AvaRamona® Project

Teresa Melvin

Artist & Founder
14 yr old artist & storyteller


Dev & Launch
Marketplace for Avalanche Blockchain


Genrative Art Platfom
No code tools for NFT creators

Melvin Thambi

Parent Support
Dad of Teresa Melvin



Some cool well-wishers who believe in my mission.

Back to school has me thinking about all the young artists I'm learning from these days 🤓 Take Teresa for example, she's one of the most tenacious creatives I've met and she's a TEENAGER! I love her bold colors and attention to detail with these playful characters.

Randi Zuckerberg

Co-Founder, HUG
Teresa is the epitome of a "Moxie," fearlessly paving the way with courage and determination for others to follow. Teresa, an early member of Miss O Cool Girls, remains a stellar leader for the community. Not only is she a talented artist, but she is also a change maker in Web3, inspiring others to explore new technology

Juliette Blake

Founder + CEO, Moxies
Teresa's artistic abilities at her current age are truly astonishing, and I have a deep admiration for her two wonderful characters, Ava and Ramona. I am thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with Teresa on an art project and am particularly fond of how she has incorporated a character from my Pixapop Academy into her unique artistic style.

Sabet Ali

Iranian-American Artist
Teresa was the winner of our JumpStart designers art contest. We had the pleasure to chat with Teresa and the conversation reconfirmed that the youth truly are our future. This 14yr old illustrator is passionate about art and teaching others art and it definitely shows.

Emonee LaRussa

Founder, Pamanama Studios
Teresa stands as one of my cherished artists globally! Her collaborative endeavors and artistic creations set a benchmark for all generations. I eagerly anticipate witnessing her evolve into a future sensation in the realm of global art!

Ian Utile

Co-Founder & CEO,
Teresa is an incredibly talented young Artist who, at just 14 years old, has become a true source of inspiration for so many of us in Web3 and beyond. The entire Flower Girls community and I are absolutely in awe of Teresa's achievements and will always support her future artistic endeavours!

Varvara Alay

Creator of FlowerGirls
I gotta give some serious love to 14-year-old Teresa Melvin!! Everyday she seem to improve and it shows. The colors, the detail, the creativity. Her art is so on brand, but her WIP videos are becoming the main attraction. Her art collections are very interactive, well thought and constructed. I'm proud to be a holder and fan. ❤️


Founder, JoyPixels & Mojoverse
Teresa's art is amazing, and I love how she's improving all the time. I feel so happy that I was able to encourage her to join the NFT space and to see her progress in it. I'm thrilled to be one of her first NFT collectors. I can see her working with big kids' brands in the future because her art is that good!


Founder, NFT Malayali
Teresa's art and mine differ significantly, yet share character-driven narratives. Teresa's illustrations, particularly her characters Ava & Ramona, are captivating with vivid colors. Beyond her stories, Teresa's dedication to nurturing young artists worldwide through tutorials showcases her potential for greatness.


Founder of Pillheads
I’m a huge fan of Teresa’s works. I've been following her NFT journey since day one, and I'm so happy to see how far she's come. Her works are very relatable. I love how she presents the behind-the-scenes of all the works, which helps us connect with the work even more. She is here for the long term, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Rakesh Pulapa

Award-winning Photographer
Teresa is an amazing talent. Her illustrations, communication style and her energy reaches the core of everyone she interacts with. I have seen her grow in the NFT space and I should heartily congratulate her for navigating it effectively. More power and heart to this young lady!

Fabin Rasheed

Artist & Technologist
This artist is for you if you are inspired by a young artist creating and giving back to her community. Teresa has established herself as one of the leading young artists in web3 through her unique style, accessible tutorials, and most importantly, her joyful art work. I'm such a fan!

Michael Littig

Director of Creator Programming, Hug
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Teresa. She’s a ridiculously efficient, intelligent & inspiring artist. I had the pleasure of working with Teresa over the past two years, on several stages and collaborating on a few social channels. As a, speaker, artist, team member or a leader, Teresa earns my highest recommendati

Julie Lamb

Founder, NFT VIP
It's been wonderful knowing and following Teresa's journey over the years! Teresa recently spoke at the Adobe Design Mix event in December 2022, sharing her art and NFT practice- it was very inspiring to see what Teresa has achieved at such a young age and the clarity and excitement she brings to her work and presentation!

Harshit Agrawal

Machine Intelligence Design at Adobe
I recommend Teresa, a talented artist and storyteller. Her impactful art promotes good values and inspires generations. With a background in Creative & Emerging Tech, I'm confident in her bright future. Teresa's aesthetically pleasing NFTs convey kindness, empathy, and positivity through creative technology.

Eve Logunova

Founder & CEO, Evenness
Teresa Melvin, a talented 13-year-old artist, created a stunning portrait of Betty that I recently collected. Her attention to detail and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for future art projects and believe she will be a rising star in the NFT and web3 art world.

Amrit Pal

Maker of Toy Faces & Art Collector

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Collabs & Support

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Where can I mint AvaRamona NFTs?

1000 NFTs of AvaRamona are available to buy on on Aug 28 at 5:00 pm CST.

What is the price of one NFT?

Price of one NFT is 2 Avax

How many artworks will there be?

AvaRamona is a limited editon collection of 1000 NFTs. There will be 123 unique AvaRamona traits to mint.